When I wrote the last update in December, the crypto world was ecstatic due to Bitcoin returning to its ATH. At the time, BTC was at 19k and ETH at 588 US dollars. Three months later and well.. BTC smashed it ATH, ETH is hovering around 1.7k and many coins are having an amazing run: BNB, DOT, DOGE! 🚀

What's new

From our side, we have added various new features in this last few months, here is a quick recap of them: Top coins widget If you are on iOS 14, now you can keep an eye on the top coins list directly from you Home Screen. Redesigned asset details screen When tapping an asset in a portfolio, it's now possible to understand better how much money you are making (or losing). The historical profit chart can also help you understand your investment over time. New transaction details screen We have introduced a new detail screen for transactions. It is great to understand how much profit (or loss!) you are making from each transaction. We have also added support to more exchanges and added the ability to import portfolios from the Exodus wallet.

What's coming

A new watch list for coins with a new coin detail page will arrive next. You will be able to add all the coins you want to your watch list, monitor and stay up to date. Next we will focus on an improved portfolio screen, with more charts and more stats, to make it easier to understand where are you making or losing money. More features are also in the pipeline, an improved news experience, better exchange support including trades and staking and few other exciting stuff.

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Starting from Bitfolio iOS version 4.4.0, it is possible to import your Exodus transactions.

If you are looking to import transaction in the Bitfolio file format, please follow these instructions.

Follow these simple steps to export transactions from Exodus:

  1. Open Exodus on your laptop

  2. Click on the History icon on the top right

  3. Click "Export all transactions"

A CSV File will be created and saved on your Desktop.

For detailed informations refer to this article: https://support.exodus.io/article/77-how-do-i-export-my-transaction-history

To import the transactions in Bitfolio, you have to transfer the exported CSV file to your device's Files app.

There are numerous ways to do it, here are few:

  1. Airdrop the file to your device

  2. Copy the file to iCloud

  3. Email the file to yourself, then open it on your device and save it to Files

Once the file is on your device, make sure you have Bitfolio 4.4.0 installed from the App Store and follow these steps to import your exodus transactions:

  1. In Bitfolio, select or create a new portfolio

  2. Tap on the "Add" button

  3. Tap on "Import transactions"

  4. Select "Exodus file format"

  5. The Files app will open, select the CSV file you transferred above

Bitfolio will import all the transactions and save them in the selected portfolio.

What a month!

From the last time we sent out this newsletter, Bitcoin price reached the all time high levels of 2017!

Almost all of the other coins followed, with ETH having an incredible strong momentum.


Last month crypto performance

2020 is not that bad after all!


Thanks to your feedback, we have added a new overall section in Bitfolio, you can now see your total crypto holdings value, and a pie chart of their allocation.

We have also added a “Trending” coin section and added support for GMO and Coinbase Pro exchanges.

We plan to add more exchanges soon, if you would like to have an exchange added you can fill out this form.

Coming next

We are working on importing Exodus transactions and improving the portfolio screen, adding more insights to better understand your portfolios and your gains.

We are always keen for new feature requests so feel free to contact us if you have any.

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Again, thank you ✌️ The Bitfolio Team