We’ve been a bit quiet lately with no more updates shared after the release of Bitfolio version 4.

But worry not, we are still here, working on improving Bitfolio and giving you the best crypto experience available. 

 We have a few news to share including a poll you can participate in, to help us improve Bitfolio.

Last month crypto performance

After a few months of ETH rally it seems things are now getting more stable, in the unique cryptocurrency way.

As you can see from the image above (taken on Sept 25), in the previous month the price has fluctuated a bit.


We have a new website, which showcases app features and can be used to contact us as well as sign up for our newsletter. New exchanges have been added into the app in the past few months, including Crypto.com, and Bitfinex. We plan to add more in the coming weeks, if you would like to have an exchange added you can fill out this form.

We would like to hear from you

If you would like to help shape the future of Bitfolio and contribute to it, please fill in this short survey, regarding features you would like to be developed.

If you have more specific feedback, feel free to contact us at support@bitfolio.app directly, we are keen to learn more about your requirements.

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Again, thank you ✌️ The Bitfolio Team

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

It seems yesterday that we launched Bitfolio 3 for iOS, with the ability to sync exchanges.

We kept adding exchanges over the year and we started working on Bitfolio 4 when we realised we needed something more.

After months of hard work, we are very pleased to introduce a new, redesigned, reimagined Bitfolio! 🎉

What’s new

The big change you will notice is no more tabs.

Everything is now part of a customizable dashboard and we think you are gonna love it.

At the moment the dashboard includes tickers, portfolios, exchanges, coingecko and news, but we have plans to add more sections over the coming months.

Every section can be enabled or disabled, and you can rearrange them as you please, so that your most important information are where you want them to be.

But it’s not all, we also redesigned the portfolio screen of Bitfolio.

Now you can view your historical profit and loss on a beautiful line chart or bar chart.

You can also sort the assets so that it’s easier to keep track of them.

The iPad version is also updated and taking advantage of the screen estate.

Lastly, we decided to make everything available in the free version! There will still be some ads but we removed all the annoying full screen videos, ads will now be less intrusive (you can still remove them with an in app purchase).

What’s coming

As stated above, we are planning on adding new sections to the dashboard but that’s not all.

We will keep adding exchanges and improving the compatibility, soon you will be able to see your active orders, your past trades and (depending on the exchange) also create new orders.

We are also planning to improve the news section so that you can customize it with your favourite feed and add more insights to your portfolio transactions.

The Android version is also being updated, while we are working on it, the current Play Store version is free, with all features unlocked.

As usual, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know, we are always looking for ways to improve the app.

And much more, check out the Bitfolio roadmap on trello, you can vote on your favorite feature and keep an eye on the development. 👍

Thank you ❤️

We’ve received a lot of feedback and we love it, please keep it going, keep sending feature requests and if you see a bug or an issue, send a complaint! (but please don’t be rude 😉).

Please consider sharing Bitfolio with your friends and coworkers, it would help us tremendously.

Again, thank you ✌️ The Bitfolio Team