Import Exodus transactions

Starting from Bitfolio iOS version 4.4.0, it is possible to import your Exodus transactions.

If you are looking to import transaction in the Bitfolio file format, please follow these instructions.

Follow these simple steps to export transactions from Exodus:

  1. Open Exodus on your laptop

  2. Click on the History icon on the top right

  3. Click "Export all transactions"

A CSV File will be created and saved on your Desktop.

For detailed informations refer to this article:

To import the transactions in Bitfolio, you have to transfer the exported CSV file to your device's Files app.

There are numerous ways to do it, here are few:

  1. Airdrop the file to your device

  2. Copy the file to iCloud

  3. Email the file to yourself, then open it on your device and save it to Files

Once the file is on your device, make sure you have Bitfolio 4.4.0 installed from the App Store and follow these steps to import your exodus transactions:

  1. In Bitfolio, select or create a new portfolio

  2. Tap on the "Add" button

  3. Tap on "Import transactions"

  4. Select "Exodus file format"

  5. The Files app will open, select the CSV file you transferred above

Bitfolio will import all the transactions and save them in the selected portfolio.