Introducing Bitfolio 5

We are super excited to finally be able to introduce to you Bitfolio 5! 🎉

The last few months have been hard for everybody, between the markets being consistently red and the tragic situation evolving in Ukraine, it’s hard to stay focused.

So it took us a bit longer than expected, but the moment has finally arrived, Bitfolio 5 is available on the App Store, and you can download it now.

What’s new you ask? Here is a list of major changes:

New UI

Bitfolio 5 has a gorgeous new interface that make it easier to understand the data and details. We kept the previous interface basics and improved in a way that looks more tidy, more organized and easy to read.


To make it even better, it is now possible to customize colors for all your investments. You can choose the color for portfolios, wallets, exchanges and single valuables. This allows to being able to quickly glance and focus on the information you are looking for.

And it’s not just colors, you can also customize the layout, reorganize sections and chose the style that best suits you. 🤩

Track stocks

You can now track U.S. stocks in your portfolio. 🙌

It’s up to you if you want to mix and match stocks and crypto, or create separate portfolios; Bitfolio 5 give you the choice to manage your assets however you want to.

We are also planning to expand to international markets in the future, stay tuned.

More charts, more data

We heard you like charts, insights and statistics of your portfolio. Bitfolio 5 gives you just that. And even more is coming. 📈

Everything else

There are a lot of small tweaks to improve app performance and a better infrastructure overall; this will allow us to add more features to Bitfolio in the coming months.

The portfolio screen can now be customized with different card layouts, and it’s now possible to see all transactions, even for assets that you closed.

Did you notice our new icon? If you don’t like it, you can always change it, just head into Settings.


Bitfolio 5 follows the same policy of version 4, no account is required, all the data is stored in your device and you can sync with iCloud if you choose to.

There are no ads, and no tracking.

Thank you ❤️

We hope you will enjoy Bitfolio 5 as much as we enjoyed developing it.

Thank you to all the users supporting us, we can’t wait to keep improving Bitfolio for you.

You can use Bitfolio for free, with some limits:

  • 10 transactions

  • 1 portfolio

  • 1 crypto exchange

  • 2 wallets

  • 3 tickers

  • 5 watchlist items

If you want more, you can buy the Pro version, you can choose between a one time purchase, a monthly or a yearly subscription, the choice is yours.

If you already had bought any previous version of Bitfolio, Bitfolio 5 is a free update for you.

Connect with us

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